A happy child playing at Akers Academy Preschool
A happy child playing at Akers Academy Preschool
A happy child playing at Akers Academy Preschool
A happy child playing at Akers Academy Preschool

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September Only Tuition Special

2 free weeks during the 1st month & 1 week free for 2nd month
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Akers Academy - Pave Your
Child's Road To Success

• Healthy Learning Environment
• Engaging, Hands-On Child Care Programs
• Stimulate Physical, Social and Mental Growth
• Programs Ranging From Infants Through Pre-Kindergarten
• Customized Curriculum To Create A Love Of Learning


Toddler Programs For Child Success

Time to embrace those toddler years! Mental and physical growth are just part of the success your child will enjoy at Akers Academy.

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Say Goodbye To Terrible Twos!

We know the stress--and we're here to help! Akers Academy's two year old program uses a fast-paced curriculum to grow your child's decision making skills.

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Summer Camps Full Of Adventure!

Your child experiences the world with our Summer Camp program! Field trips, educational talks and so much more await this summer!

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The Best South Forsyth Preschool and Cumming Preschool

At Akers Academy, the enrichment, safety and love of your children are the primary motivations in everything we do! From the time they are babies, through their Pre K years, our proven, early learning curriculum helps build a strong foundation of self-confidence and academic excellence for your child’s future.

NECPA Accredited Preschool in South Forsyth and Cumming

The South Forsyth school just completed the program and achieved the highest designation recognized by Bright from the Start as a 3 star school.

What I like about working here at Akers Academy

I really love coming to work each day. Knowing that I am part of a school that is making a difference in the community through our work here. At Akers we are part of a family that cares about each other. Our own views and values are always welcome and managements philosophies presents opportunities to grow professionally.

Elsje (18 yrs)

The love towards the staff from the school management
Love working with the kids
Parents are really nice with the staff
Have passion for the work

Esperanza (17 yrs)

I love to work with kids. I love learning and being in a learning environment. Management is very understanding. We are all a family here.

Srujana (10 yrs)

I enjoy working here because of the kids and the connections I have made with the staff. Management always listens and cares for the staff.

Cassie (4 yrs)

I like working at Akers Academy because they are very understanding and willing to go the extra mile to help you out when you are struggling or need help with completing task. They are very friendly, flexible and realistic. Akers understands the importance of taking care of their staff and treating them like family. I have been looking for a work family and found one at Akers. The school is also good at providing resources to their teachers and making sure the children are learning and safe.

Kayla (2 yrs)

Being part of Akers gives you an opportunity to watch children grow and develop into their own personalities. We offer so many great learning experiences while also reaching age appropriate milestones. I’ve learned to understand that Akers is like a second home to most of these kids and that is why we as teachers need to provide a nurturing and safe environment for all the children here. Something that they provide here that not every daycare provides is free childcare. It is super helpful to not have to worry where your child will go when you have to work. It is honestly a win win situation. Your child is in great care while you are also providing excellent care to other children, They are also super understanding with any appointments you need during the day whether it may be for yourself or your child. That is another bonus for me while working here.

Melanie (1 yr)

Management help and encourage to reach my goals. They give you the tools to move up and get better with your children and teaching skills. Super flexible with time and let you have time for personal family appointments. I feel comfortable to share my ideas. Take consideration about what we would like and how we want things done. I feel heard and not ignored

Ana (1yr)

Its a sense of family. Helping each other throughout the day.
Management is understanding when we have unexpected appointments come up and try to work with us and doesn’t leave the school in a bind

Shelby (1 yr)

At Akers they see my hard work and acknowledge my effort that I am doing for the kids and school. Staff and directors are very helpful and friendly, always try to help me. I appreciate it a lot. When I ask for something they will always go out of their ways to help me find it or buy it for me. Nice surprises we get with lunches and snacks

Jess (1 yr)

I really enjoy working at Akers because who wouldn’t love working with children. The environment is stress free, I don’t hate coming into work each day. Also knowing what you are doing is making an impact plus we get the weekends off!!

Suzy (1 yr)

The management is very understanding and flexible.

Karina (1 yr)

Flexibility – Akers is very understanding when situations arise in each individual employees lives. Oriented Leadership – Not only encourages me to succeed with teaching and taking care of children but also provides me the tools and skills to be a better mom. Open door policy – Working in an environment where you can freely share your ideas is a great feeling. When you feel like your employer hears and sees you, you feel valued.

Lucy (1 yr)

I enjoy working here because early education is such an essential part of a child’s growth and development and there is nothing more rewarding than being part of that experience

Claire (6 months)

What I like about working here are the kids I have met and the staff. I feel like I have great co-workers and thats one of the things I seek in a job.

DeNayia (6 months)

I love working at Akers Academy because II learn something new everyday and makes me a better person. Love working with kids and creating activities and projects that helps them learn. I have been really thankful for the staff by helping me when I needed it. Good environment good team work. Hoping to be better and keep giving a good positive attitude.

KC (6 months)

Akers is a very welcoming place to be. I love the children. All the staff is very friendly.

Lynette (6 months)

I enjoy creating bonds with the kids and feeling like I can be a comfort place away from their families. There is also lots of great benefits offered and all the employees are very nice and welcoming.

Alexa (6 months)

I like working at Akers because the staff is friendly and helpful. The children are treated very well here, so I feel good having my own children here. I feel that management is very supportive and helpful as well

Natalie (6 months)

Has such a welcoming and friendly environment for the teachers. Gives us the opportunity and freedom to make differences in children's lives.

Saraswathy (3 months)

I like working here because of the wonderful kids and the connections I have built.

MiKaya (3 months)

Reasons I love working at Akers
1. Management treats their employees like they matter
2. Bonding with students and fellow teachers
3. Watching students improve over time
4. Fun events
5. Family environment
6. Having my kids come to work with me
7. Safe and secure environment
8. Work-life balance
9. Opportunities to grow and learn

Ayanna (3months)

Akers Academy is NECPA Accredited in South Forsyth and Cumming

Akers Academy has received both national recognition from the National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA) as well as from the State of Georgia as an accredited Quality Rated Child Care center for Excellence in Early Childhood Education. These awards focus on teacher and child interaction, staff training, health and safety and physical environment. The NECPA also awarded Akers Academy's administration and parent/community relationships.

Akers Academy is no ordinary South Forsyth preschool or Cumming preschool. We are dedicated, experienced, and certified, with loving teachers who give children every advantage and opportunity to learn, grow and flourish in a safe, secure and caring environment.

Our Active Minds curriculum incorporating McGraw-Hill’s Open Court educational resources meets and exceeds this - whether your child is infant to Pre K age. Akers Academy provides an enriching experience filled with many unique learning education opportunities during summer camp and our after school program for your school-age child.

Infant Child Care

Low class ratios for our littlest learners on campus! Akers Academy specializes in creating growth socially and physically.
Love of learning begins here!

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Learn About Us

Great child care begins with a great teaching staff! Akers Academy's certified teachers connect with your child daily.
See why parents trust us!

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Toddler Programs

Embrace your little explorer's imagination! Our toddler program offers hands-on activities to expand their minds.
Your child's growth comes first!

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Georgia Preschool Curriculum

South Forsyth Preschool & Cumming Preschool

Our Active Minds Curriculum is a comprehensive approach to your child's early learning and development. We emphasize STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) learning at Akers Academy

Your child combines literacy skills, mathematics, language development and critical thinking every day. They work alongside peers in their age group to enhance their learning experience.

Our certified, experienced teachers guide your child every step of the way through hands on learning activities. Your child has plenty of room to explore their ever-expanding world and satisfy curiosity.

Parents Get Daily Reports

Teachers have computer tablets in their classrooms to fill out Electronic Daily Reports. These reports describe the student’s day along with pictures and videos so parents can have family conversations about what their child did and extend learning at home.